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Is Your New Car A Lemon? Get Legal Advice.

The purchase of a new car is a major investment for most people. If it turns out to be a lemon, the financial hit can be significant. If you recently bought a new car and have had nothing but trouble with it, do not despair. Find the answers you are looking for with the help of a knowledgeable lemon law attorney.

I am William Jarrett Littl, a Gulfport-based lawyer with a depth of experience and skill representing clients in lemon law cases. I understand the stress and frustration clients have when dealing with malfunctioning new cars. I am dedicated to finding cost-effective solutions that will meet my clients’ needs and legal goals after they have realized their new cars are no good.

Do I Have A Lemon Law Case?’

Is your defective car truly new? To file for a lemon law lawsuit, your new vehicle must meet certain requirements under the law, including the following:

  • The car must still be under the factory warranty.
  • The car must have been purchased less than 18 months ago.
  • The car must have been in the shop three times for the same issue or for 15 or more working days, not including routine maintenance.

 If your new vehicle meets these criteria, you likely qualify to pursue a lawsuit against the auto manufacturer.

What if your new car is used? Many people expect to be able to file lemon law claims for newly purchased used cars, but they cannot find a just resolution this way. Used vehicles do not meet the legal requirements for a lemon law case. Certain statutory remedies may apply when your used car is defective or faulty in some way, but your chances are slim as you cannot usually recover enough to cover both the value of the newly purchased used car and the attorney fees you would accrue in bringing a lawsuit.

I will not advise you to file a lawsuit over a defective used car if it is likely that your purchase price plus my fees would total more than what you might obtain through a court victory.

How I Can Help You File A Lemon Law Claim

 If your car is, in fact, new and meets the other criteria for a lemon lawsuit, I will instruct you in gathering all required documents, including the purchase contract, vehicle registration and any service records.

I will then send a demand letter to the manufacturer, including a well-documented threat to sue. Chances are that the manufacturer will respond with a plan to negotiate terms of compensation to settle the matter outside of court. If a satisfactory agreement does not come about, I can take your case to court in pursuit of the favorable resolution you deserve.

I Am Here To Get Your Lemon Law Case Started

To discuss how to get justice when your newly purchased car is defective, call 228-305-5249 or send an email inquiry. I will respond promptly.

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